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1261: Choosing the Right Television for You
Plasma and LCD televisions have been taking off in sales lately. It's no wonder people are buying them without really knowing what they are getting, or even if it is worth the price they are paying.

1262: Why Dell Computers Are Kings Of The PCs
Dell computers are built for high performance, reliability, and ease of connectivity in Case's high performance "10/100/1000"Gigabit Ethernet environment. Ready for instant connectivity at Case, Dell's Case package will enable you to achieve your professional, academic, and personal goals.

1263: For Women Only - Your Computer Usage Could Cost You Your Job
There's no arguing that computers enrich our lives and provide us with options our mothers never dreamed of. As women, though, computers can also be our downfall at work.

1264: Mac Vs. Windows - A Personal Choice
Like many of you I started using windows a long long time ago, my parents bought me an IBM Aptiva which was top of the line back then. It ran the "new" Windows 3.1.1 and it had a 440mb hard drive and 64mb RAM. I remember thinking to myself "Wow, what a machine this is", and I wasn't just saying that because of the powerhouse that I thought I had in front of my eyes, but also the sheer size of this thing was something to almost be afraid of.....I have grown up with Windows operating systems my whole life switching from 3.1.1 to Windows 95,98,Me,Xp and finally Vista. I have to say that I like the look of Vista but it just does not quite fit my style of how I think a system should be built as far as how programs should work together instead of independently, the endless worry of viruses, spyware, malware, spam etc.

1265: Excuse Me Sir, Which Computer System Do You Recommend?
My experiences in trying to help someone else learn the way of the Apple has been a very difficult one at times, there seems to be a lot of hesitation in part because of old habits and culture at the workplace that create a barrier in trying new things. More specifically, being a Windows user for most of my life I can understand the nervousness of somebody telling me how trying out a new operating system as stable as the MacOS would change my life for the better. Being accustomed to using PC's at work and coming home ...

1266: Home Audio and Computer Setups!
As computers have gotten more powerful, they've become the standard tools for recording, editing, and mixing audio. More and more professional studios are using them because of their power and amateurs are using them because they're also relatively inexpensive and easy to use.

1267: Can Your IT Infrastructure Meet The Growing Needs Of Your Business?
Most businesses plan for their future in one way or another - whether it's in the form of a well designed and thought out plan of action with numbered steps, or simply in the form of ideas and ambitions that never quite make it onto a sheet of paper. But whatever form the plan takes, it doesn't always take into account how the proposed development will impact every single part of the business. This is especially true when it comes to resources. Most businesses will look at whether they have enough employees to manage the future growth, but the IT infrastructure that is already present is rarely looked at in the same way.

1268: Home Based Business Network System - Lesson 1
If you are planning to run your own home based business then you will need to set up a home network. You will need a computer, a printer, then a copier and as your business grows you will find out that you need more and more sophisticated equipment to automate and make your home based business not only easier to manage but also a pleasant experience, something that you enjoy to do. So what is a home network?

1269: Computer Problem Tips - Are You Messing Up Your Computer? - Learn the 5 Mistakes Most Everyone Makes
Are you accidentally screwing up your computer? Stop making these 5 mistakes before its too late.

1270: Four Gadgets You Wish You Had
Who doesn't love cool futuristic gadgets? Here are a few you wish you had.

1271: Technology Equipment and Software Financing
Technology equipment and software are very important for a business in today's world. Technological or software equipment includes new computer system, routing software, safety equipment and so on. These types of equipment are generally very expensive and so the need for technology equipment and software financing arises.

1272: Importance of Technical Help Desk
Presence of Computers - Computers are everywhere. Be it a home, school, hospital, banks, offices, post offices, grocery shops, medicine shops or theatres, we can see the presence of computers evenly. The use of computers has become mandatory to make the works easier and effective.

1273: Avatars Will Replace Faces
The face of an author can have a distracting influence on the content of an article. It would be better if it was replaced with an avatar.

1274: Learning About Registry Repair For Windows
When your computer gets attacked by viruses one of the first places to be affected is the registry. This causes the all "too familiar" slow downs and as it advances; graphics havoc, cd failure and other problems. These viruses are very dangerous for your computer and can eventually lead to complete dysfunction.

1275: Various Ways Of Computer Recycling
Computers are often just thrown in a dump With technology advancing by leaps and bounds, older technology is becoming obsolete extremely fast. Most of the time, outdated equipment, including computers and their various peripherals, are just discarded or thrown away in a dump. It's important that computer recycling become a part of our initiative, just like recycling done at home.

1276: Small Business Computer Support and Online Repair Services
Whether you have a PC or a Laptop, you have noticed how quickly technology has and continues to progress. For the non-tech person, it is virtually impossible to stay abreast of the myriad of technology changes that are out there. Fortunately for most of us, a variety of computer support and online computer repair help options are available to restore a sense of security when faced with computer issues.

1277: The Basics of Telemetry
Chances are the process of telemetry enhances your world and you don't even know it. That is because this mode of transferring data is used in a number of different applications. Here is some information about the basics of telemetry, as well as a couple of examples of how it is used.

1278: Sun - OpenSolaris is Now on the Map
A recent interview with Simon Phipps, chief open source officer at Sun, discusses his reaction to harsh commentary from Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian. Hovsepian makes some strong allegations that Solaris and OpenSolaris are going nowhere.

1279: How To Find The Best Computer Repair Service
If you're reading this message, you have had or currently are in the need of computer repair service. With the prevalence of Computers and our dependency to them, chances are most of you have had the unfortunate computer repair issues that required a professional computer repair technician's experience to fix.

1280: Whats The Difference Between A Data Center And Colocation For Meeting Network Infrastructure Needs?
To make the best decision on how to meet your company's network infrastructure needs you must understand what is the difference between a data center and a collocation arrangement. What can each do for you .... and what they can't.

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