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1281: IBM Takes Its Chances with EnterpriseDB
Interview with Andy Astor, CEO, open source database vendor, EnterpriseDB. The company recently received a third round of venture funding from investors including IBM.

1282: How Computers Benefit Society
Computers are wonderful machines. They are everywhere and society depends on them to manage our world. It is no wonder that computers have almost unlimited applications, and that they are multiplying at a steady rate.

1283: Information Technology - Just What Is IT?
You may know someone that works in it, and you may have seen it advertised on television, but what is IT? This article will help to clear up the somewhat shady world of IT.

1284: Information Technology Has Come A Very Long Way
Where does the history of IT begin? Well, in order to answer this question, one must first understand the basic concept of information technology as a whole.

1285: How to Clean Noisy Hums From Video and Sound Effects
The most common audio related request that I receive from producers and video editors is to remove an annoying hum or rumble from a finished piece of video, whether a short film, corporate piece, web commercial, etc. It seems that often budgets do not account for a sound person on location during the shoot to ensure high quality audio recording and videographers generally opt to plug in a few mics and wing it during the shoot. As a result, dialog is often difficult to hear and/or competes with background hums from the environment, i.e...

1286: Purchasing A New Computer - Things To Consider
In todays fast paced high tech world it is hard to fathom what life would be like without a computer. They can be found everywhere from resturaunts to your own home. Yet it seems as soon as these machines are unboxed they are already obsolete. Or perhaps you have had your computer for several years and it is so slow that it would make a more efficient paper weight. In this article we will cover the basics about buying a new computer, what to look for in a new system, and how one can save money when purchasing a new computer.

1287: Give Your Business A Chance, Ensure Your It Structure Works
If you have ever worked in IT you would recognise the importance of smooth change when moving from one way of working to another. Be it a system changeover or upgrading to a better spec program across the board. Many businesses employ IT consultancys to come in and manage the change over.

1288: Computer Issues, Using It Consultants And Appropriate Architecture
Few things are more frustrating than dealing with computer issues in your home. Many times the fix is very simple if you just knew what to do or who to call. It is estimated that 300 million computers will become obsolete within the next three years.

1289: Why Fiber Optic Cable Should be the Media of Choice in all Commercial Building Network Installations
It seems that old, bad habits are always hard to break. This article focuses on why fiber cabling should be used in all networks (new and retrofit) and why copper cabling should be completely done away with and tossed in the dumpster. It further discusses the myths and misunderstandings of fiber optic cabling and why the networking industry should insure and demand that fiber optic cabling be the media of choice in all commercial building installations.

1290: What All Does a DAB Radio Offer
DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and involves broadcasting sound through radio waves, digitally. They provide a huge array of channels that have various genres of music in each. One of the main advantages of a DAB radio is that the music that it offers does not get spoilt due to bad weather, insufficient signals etc.

1291: A Very Brief Recent History of Business Technology Applications
With these innovations has come a second wave revolution that is changing the way business operates today. As always, the issue is which companies take advantage of these opportunities and which do not.

1292: Vista Registry Cleaner Programs - What Will They Do?
Have you ever wondered what exactly registry cleaner programs do for your Windows Vista operating system? In the following paragraphs, we're going to take a look at how these programs work and what exactly they do to help improve the performance of your PC. To explain what these programs do, we're going to use an analogy. Let's think about your home. For the sake of this tutorial, let's say you live in a typical single family home with a two car garage. You are leaving for work and you are running a bit behind schedule. You are backing your car out of the driveway when all the sudden, you remember that you forgot to grab your briefcase off the kitchen counter top.

1293: What Computer Support Experts Do?
Computer support providers have a complete array of repair services for you to choose from. Whether your PC is suffering from nasty PC errors or requires a catalyst to boost up its speed or needs antivirus protection, computer support companies will serve as one stop shop for you. Another best part is that you get everything in your own premises which is a matter of major convenience

1294: Fixing Computer Crashing
About the most annoying thing that can happen is a computer crash! They always seem to happen between saves so the most important work gets lost. What can we do to prevent computer crashes? There are some basics you should know about on the subject and this article covers them.

1295: Upgrading Windows Vista - At a Glance
Windows Vista is an operating system that is used on the personal computer, that includes any kind of home, business or office desktop computers, laptops, tablet PCs or media centers. It was first announced in 2005 and was known by its code name 'Longhorn', it was developed and completed by November, 2006. Along with the introduction of Windows Vista the breakthrough experience that are intuitively designed and visually exciting also came into being.

1296: Enjoy the Ultimate Freedom of Carrying Your Notebook Computer in Hand
Wireless notebook computers are very popular today, and becoming more and more standardized. Most of the wireless notebook computers have Wi-Fi capabilities so that it can get connected to the internet within a flash. Gone are the days of external modem and NIC cards.

1297: Let us Check the Job of a Printer Toner
Computers are fantastic. They have made our lives so much easier than we could ever have imagined As computers are becoming more and more popular, so are computer accessories. Printers are the most common accessory that is used with a computer.

1298: For The Safety Of Your Laptop Batteries
The laptop battery is an indispensable organ of the laptop. The battery is what gives your laptop the convenience of being portable. These batteries can be recharged over and over again.

1299: What to Upgrade in a Laptop
If you are bored with using the same old technology of your laptop, and disturbed by its day by day decreasing speed, then it is the right time to have your laptop upgraded. But before you proceed with upgrading, you should search for all the criteria that needs to be upgraded to give a new look plus more capacity to your laptop. Several things can be upgraded in laptops such as, memory, the video card, the processor, the hard disk etc.

1300: Do Not Forget to Check Out Various Components Before Getting a Notebook Computer
When you are about to purchase a cheap notebook computer, the most important component that should be examined is the central processing unit. There are only two processors that you should consider for a notebook computer, and they are the Intel Core 2 Duo and the Intel Core Duo. These two chips are regarded as the most reliable and are the top of the line.

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