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1301: Use it and Make Life Fun
The use of the memory cards in electronic devices has become a familiar trend. Initially its use was limited only to the computer, now this trend has been widening to a great extent. People now don't like to use a mobile phone that does not have sufficient memory to store the songs, images, messages, numbers etc.

1302: Make Best Use of Resources, Go for Recyclable Office Supplies
Each office has a number of office supplies. For example, there are computers, envelopes, printers, printer cartridges, and papers. Each item plays a major role in just about every office.

1303: Office Of The 21st Century
Personal computer hard drives have now become the archives for documents. And, if you're having a hard time finding the electronic file, you can easily sort through the storage space by date or by file type. Products like Ark Works have made the e-file cabinet a reality. It's much easier digging for those files on a computer then digging through mountains of paper.

1304: Satellite Internet Access Use With VOIP
Satellite Internet service is your best bet in receiving high speed Internet service in rural U.S. While satellite Internet service has a huge upside, there are certain limitations.

1305: Where is the AnyKey?
When I first started to use computers, I previously had never actually touched one. Yeah! I'm old!

1306: Managed Services
Over the last decade or so, I have heard stories from friends and ex-students alike about network failures. One student, a very gifted computer mind once suggested that networks are alive. He insisted that a router or server and even a firewall knows when to keep you at work.

1307: Pro-Active IT Solutions
When it comes to computers and the way they are used within a company, there is not always a great deal of growth. Things are the way they are because that's the way they've always been. If it works why try anything else?

1308: The Time Saving Aspect Of Automated Solutions
Compliance issues are a necessary evil for every company. They can sometimes seem to throw businesses off course to a degree, forcing them to deal with issues that don't appear to have any direct bearing on their day to day business or the dealings they have with their clients or customers.

1309: Why Its Vital To Look For Solutions Before You Need Them
It's a somewhat alarming fact that not many businesses are pro-active when it comes to looking for solutions to possible problems that may occur with their IT infrastructure. Given the fact that the majority of businesses nowadays are hugely reliant on their computer systems, it's rather unsettling that if something were to go wrong, hundreds of thousands of companies would not be able to cope in anything like an adequate fashion.

1310: How To Make My Computer Go Faster
Are you always encountering th problem of having a slow computer? What are the steps or measures you take to prevent such a thing from happening, in this articles, we will look into how you can help yourself in trying to speed up your computer and make it go faster.

1311: Malware Or Adware Found On Approximately 90% Of Computers - Destroying The Enjoyment Of The Internet
In a recent survey it was found that around 90 percent of home computers have some form of Adware or Malware running through their systems. So many times it is unwittingly downloaded by children who are just searching for information or games though the internet.

1312: Computer Features - Choosing the Best System For Your Needs
Choosing the correct features for your computer will prevent much frustration, need for upgrades, and loss of time and money. I have outlined the most important features to think about when choosing your computer and made some suggestions!

1313: How To Achieve The Lowest Cost Possible When Installing A Fiber Optic Network?
How to achieve the lowest cost when installing a fiber optic network? Surprisingly, there are multiple choices available, find out how in this extensive tutorial...

1314: Techno-Economics
Has modern technology caused us to lose jobs, and put our economy into a tail-spin? I was under the impression that the discovery of computerized systems was going to improve our lifestyle and let mankind enjoy the good things in life. Instead, we are sending jobs overseas! Has anyone attempted to call the help lines listed as 1-800? Have you been surprised to learn the person you are talking to is in...

1315: Slow Computer? Seven Ways to Return a Slow Computer To Like New Performance
Do you have a computer that is running much slower than it was the day you bought it? Here are 7 things you can do to improve the computer speed to its "like new" condition.

1316: Extending Rechargeable Battery Service Life
A simple and easy way to extend rechargeable battery life. I have had old battery accept a charge after clicking off the charger as soon as put on. New and old batteries will also take a deeper, longer lasting charge.

1317: IT Audit and IT Inventory Management - Knowing Which Assets You Have
Knowing which IT assets you have and how they are used has become a challenge in today's complex and ever evolving IT infrastructure. A typical IT infrastructure has many different assets of various types, and new IT projects are deploying additional assets to support the business objectives. These challenges includes tracking IT assets across multiple offices and IT platforms, detecting software installed and used, and discovering new devices that are on the network.

1318: Surveys Show Deteriorating Computer Purchasing Trends
The economic downturn has taken a big bite out of personal computer demand, according to two recent ChangeWave surveys on PC buying among consumers and corporations. The results clearly show deteriorating computer spending going forward.

1319: WAN Acceleration As A Service - An Outsourced Solution Can Save You Money
The growing trend toward globalization means enterprises are deploying more employees in remote branch offices, and these employees may often need to collaborate with one another. At the same time, enterprises are centralizing their business-critical applications and hosting dynamic content. Security and compliance concerns are also creating increased pressure to remove data from branch offices.

1320: Installing a Radio Referenced NTP Server
Many networks in organisations suffer from a lack of time synchronisation between servers, workstations and other network components. This can lead to problems processing time critical information and transactions. However, a solution has been available for many years in the form of NTP.

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