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1321: Virtual Network Operators Address Micro-Multinationals
Micro-multinationals have a broad choice of network solutions and solution providers in the market today. Selecting the right alternative requires a strategic and a consultative planning approach by organizations and their network providers. As part of consultative planning, the network provider should outline - and follow - key networking criteria to deliver a complete, secure and reliable solution.

1322: Enterprise Network Management - True Defense In Depth
As threats on corporate networks increase in volume and become more sophisticated, enterprises must search for comprehensive security solutions that can ensure business continuity, maintain security compliance, and protect corporate intellectual property. However, with the explosion of discrete security appliances, the challenge and expense of managing security on a global scale has become increasingly difficult, and many enterprises do not have the budget or the expertise to effectively manage the risk.

1323: High Performance Computing at its Best
Computers have undoubtedly changed the world, it's because of them that communications are extremely fast, science has advanced so much and we are able to do things we never thought even to be possible before. Learn more about high performance computing.

1324: The Knock-On Effect Of IT Problems
We all know how inconvenient it is to experience problems with our home computer. Easy tasks suddenly become difficult or impossible, and it can take some considerable time to put things right. When you transfer that same situation into a business setting, the problems can become even worse. Not only does a computer glitch or setback cause problems for the user of that particular terminal, it can also have a devastating knock on effect on other people within that same organisation.

1325: Digital Generation Gap - Back to the Basics
This digital generation gap is defined as the occurrence of a child who is much more computer savvy than their parent. The best approach is the two pronged common sense combined with a quick overview of parental control settings and computer monitoring software!

1326: Can Your Fingerprint Offer Any Value?
Fingerprint scanners have been around for quite a while - is it time for you to implement them in your business security strategy? If so, how should you do it?

1327: Radio and Web Video - Together At Last
Well look who finally got to the party. I have been a web video producer for over three years and a video producer for over ten. Gone are the days of multiple DVD duplication to be distributed via direct mail.

1328: Spending to Drop Nearly 10% In Semiconductor Industry
This article talks about the spending changes that are looming in the semi-conductor industry. According to the article spending will decrease by as much as 10%.

1329: How Conducting A Simple Registry Scan Can Speed Up Your Computer Instantly
The windows registry is the central nervous system of your PC. Often times, when "wires get crossed" over time, your system reacts by functioning slowly, showing errors, and performing poorly in general. This article explains how to transform your computer into the high-performance machine it once was.

1330: Understanding Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) in Optical Fibers
What prevents us from achieving even higher speed communication systems? There are many factors, but PMD (Polarization Mode Dispersion) is one of the most important. Learn why and how engineers compensate it in order to achieve amazing 100Gbit/s systems.

1331: Making Computer Technology Available To The Masses
With the rapid expansion of, and improvements in Information Technology, and its impact on all facets of life, the need to be computers literate is no longer a choice, but a necessity. Although the cost of technology have been made more competitive, many persons whose income is tied closely to the cost of living of the particular country in which they reside, cannot afford the basic obsolete computer system. This clearly places over half the population of many countries at a disadvantage, and by extension it limits the type of development that can take...

1332: Data Integration - The Glue That Holds Everything Together
An interview with Bertrand Diard, CEO, open source data integration provider Talend. Diard discusses the benefits of open source data integration that proprietary software can't provide. He also gives his opinion on Microsoft's foray into the open source world.

1333: How Do I Back Up the Money Data File?
Protect your financial data by backing up your Microsoft Money data file. Backing up only takes a few simple steps.

1334: Leading The Way In Expert Penetration Testing And Showing Us How It Is Done
As a CIO, CISO or owner of information security in your organization, you want to ensure your organizations' Internet, Intranet and Extranet applications and networks are secure. As networks, applications and vulnerabilities constantly evolve a security program that is comprehensive, periodic and focused is usually the answer.

1335: Benefits Of A Content Managed Website
Having a content management system (CMS) built into your website design is one of the most commonly requested requirements from our customers. But what are the benefits of a CMS and why would your business need one?

1336: Global Warming and Your Computer
This article touches the sensitive subject of global warming and shows the impact we make on our environment from our computers everyday. Read this article to see what you can do to help.

1337: Cheaper Ways of Printing
Printing at home has been an expensive task until now. The largest expense has always been the cost of cartridges which tend to be quite expensive. However as the market evolves this is all about to change.

1338: The Nigerian Scam (As Seen On TV) - How To Protect Yourself From It
One of the most common e-mail scams today is called the "Nigerian Scam" (also known as the Nigerian Letter or 419 fraud). Although the Nigerian Scam comes from the country of Nigeria, forms of the scam have originated from other parts of Africa and Europe. Although the current form of the Nigerian Scam appears to have started in Nigeria during the 1970s, an early version called the "Spanish Prisoner Letter" has been around since the Middle Ages.

1339: Rackmount Computer Accessories
Rackmount computer accessories are devised to safeguard fragile computer equipments. The unique features of these accessories are such as, durability, ease of installation, light weight, reliability and high quality.

1340: Disposing of Your Old PC - Safely!
If you've recently purchased a new updated computer, you may want be considering donating or selling your old one. Even an older computer can make a good first computer for someone that doesn't have one. But, it could cost you thousands of pounds when your computer ends up in the hands of another user!

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