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1341: Todays Electronic Devices Have Memory Dependency
Electronics are vital to our lives. Just think about the machines you use every single day. It all comes down to tiny wiring and circuit boards that help make our lives easier.

1342: Managing the Information Technology Infrastructure of the Queen Mary 2
At a cost of over $800 million and a gross weight of over 150,000 tons, the Queen Mary 2 was designed to be an all-inclusive fully functioning entity unto itself, having the capability to function like a self-contained city. Providing every possible comfort available on land and without forfeiting modern technology, the Queen Mary 2 evokes the opulence of a previous era for the 21st century. Needless to say, the information technology infrastructure of the Queen Mary 2 is simply a marvel of modern technology. An ocean liner of unprecedented scale, the design and implementation of the IT infrastructure of the Queen Mary 2 presented a unique set of challenges and opportunities.

1343: Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks And Smart Computers
Computers, the most used tool in our days now becoming smarter. The implementation of artificial intelligence systems in neural processors.

1344: Free Ways to Protect Your Home Computer
In this article we will cover some common threats and some free ways to protect your computer from these threats. Read this article and you may find that you save yourself a lot of money and headaches.

1345: The Difference of Adware, Spyware And Anti-virus
Adware, spyware and computer virus share some similarities, one of which is that all three are major nuisances for computer users. Let's differentiate the three.

1346: Secure Your Windows XP And Your Data
A lot of computer users just unpack their new computer switch it on and never give any thought to there online security while they surf the internet. If you use your computer to do work or shop online, computer security is something everyone should give some thought.

1347: Dont Go It Alone - Learn To Rely More On Your Support Team
Most companies of a reasonable size have their own IT support team, but many of them don't actually use them as much as they should. This is a pity because the knowledge that an IT support team has between its members can greatly enhance any kind of business, offering solutions, ideas and ways of getting more out of your existing computer network.

1348: Get Animated with Gizmo
Ever dreamt of being an animation star yourself? Apparently a company called Gizmoz has made this possible in a simple way through a proprietary technology that is able to manipulate your photos to form a series of animated expressions.

1349: On Making A Computer Understand
While Alan Turing suggested that outward behavior alone defined intelligence, John Searle, in his famous Chinese Room thought experiment, argued that understanding was also crucial. Unlike a computer, the human mind understood a message. It is possible to imagine a computer, which can also have understanding.

1350: Finding the Right Computer - A Practical Guide for Internet Marketing Newbies
Theoretically, it is possible to run an internet marketing business without using your own personal computer. However, it's not the most efficient thing to do, considering that internet marketing as a business requires plenty of focus during its initial stages and during promotion periods. Having your own computer is not only practical, it also gives you much more flexibility.

1351: Understanding the Concept of Configuration Management
Configuration management is a concept that has been around for half a century now, and is in use by companies and organizations worldwide. First developed by the United States military, the ideas of this modality have been adopted, and adapted for use in many different industries. All well and good, you may ask, but just what is configuration management?

1352: Well, It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time - Business Decisions Driving Bad Technology Decisi
"But it sounded like such a good idea!" How many times have we heard this in the midst of battling the chaos monster we created for ourselves? In this article, I'm going to discuss an example of this from my time with a former employer, who shall remain nameless to avoid the shame.

1353: How to Select an Outstanding Fiber Optics Training Company
Selecting a professional fiber optics training company can be confusing and time consuming. This article provides guidelines to make this an easy and rewarding task and further details what to expect from a truly professional and knowledgeable organization dedicated to providing comprehensive, easy to understand fiber optics technician training.

1354: Seven Abilities Which Must Be Owned By It Professional
Besides skill and knowledge in IT area, a Computer or programming expert has to own the ability of IT Professional. For example: 1). Writing ability. In order to write better, need the intensive practice and enough preparation.

1355: How to Create a Wireless Network
Wireless networking allows you to easily share your Internet access as well as printers, and media, very easily without wires. Setting up a wireless network is generally very easy and it is becoming more and more commonplace to do this in your home or small office. The great thing about wireless networking is the fact you can add wireless functionality to your existing network.

1356: The Esential Drivers A Computer Needs
A common piece of software that is often overlooked is the software driver. These drivers are designed to allow an external piece of hardware, such as a printer, to integrate with the main computer unit. A driver facilitates communication between the software application that needs to use a device and the device itself.

1357: Defragmenting - What, Why, How?
You may have heard about defragging or defragmenting your hard drive To understand fully, what this means, you need to understand how a hard drive is made up. A hard drive is made up of lots of little segments that store data. These segments are called sectors or clusters. Usually the size of each individual sector is 512 bytes although these can vary.

1358: California School District - Worlds 1st Wireless eDistrict - Partnerships Offer Access to New Techn
Hayward USD implements wireless, Web-based eDistrict portal. Lessons can be uploaded to the site, where students can review them from any wireless access point. The portal also helps teachers manage curriculum, grades, scheduling and attendance.

1359: Laptops Conserve Power, Reduce School District Energy Costs and Help Minimize Carbon Footprint
Laptops are the best way to save energy and money, as they use the most efficient displays, adapters, hard disks and CPUs. Even notebooks intended as desktop replacements, with larger screens, save over 50 percent when compared to desktops.

1360: The Laptop Computer - Baby Youve Come A Long Way
The laptop computer is now a mainstream piece of technology and found in most workplaces. Where has the laptop come from and where is it going? Will a laptop just become a bigger, better and faster PDA?

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