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1381: Computer Collection Of Words For Beginners
First, Application. Computer software that is designed for a specific type of activity. Assistant - Perhaps you are already familiar with this. The assistant appears in the form of a dopey dog or a bouncing ball etc that mostly appears on the right hand side of the screen.

1382: Buying a Refurbished PC?
We all like brand spanking new things, especially computers, but in these shaky economic times, why not shop for a bargain? Some of the lowest prices these days are for refurbished computers and while there is some risk, why not investigate? If you don't need the most current technology, then purchasing a refurbished system could make sense for you.

1383: IT Support - 10 Tips for Companies
IT Support is a critical aspect in running a small business. Reliability at a great price is essential to stay competitive in most industries. An unreliable IT system can not only waste your company's time and resources it can be extremely frustrating. There are a few tips that can save your company time and money when planning a new IT System or upgrading or fixing an existing one

1384: What is Nanoelectronic?
Nanoelectronic is concerned with understanding and exploiting the properties of devices, which have dimensions at the nanometre scale. Microelectronics will gradually evolve into nano-electronic. In fact, this has already happened as can be seen from the smallest feature size of present integrated circuits, which is below of one micrometer.

1385: What is Nanotube?
They were discovered in 1991 by the Japanese electron microscopist Simio Iijima who was studying the material deposited on the cathode during the arc-evaporation synthesis of fullerenes. Carbon nanotubes are fullerene-related structures which consist of graphene[1] cylinders closed at either end with caps containing pentagonal rings.

1386: Adware Programs And How They Work
Adware or advertising-supported software is any software package which automatically plays, displays, or downloads advertising material to a computer after the software is installed on it or while the application is being used. Some types of adware are also spyware and can be classified as privacy-invasive software.

1387: Moores Law - Is It The Kiss Of Death For Enterprise Technology?
Are you stressed out and having "future shock" because of the speed of change? Technology is rapidly changing. Some say significant changes occur every 18 months. Should you despair about the time and cost it takes to keep up?

1388: Understanding Fiber Optics Basics
Do you know what is the bandwidth of a fiber optic system? What is the operating window of the system? To tell you the truth: they are easy to understand once you read this article. Keep reading...

1389: Learn About Subqueries in Access Courses
An understanding of queries is critical to database management. Once you master queries, a subquery is a powerful tool that greatly expands your abilities to get exactly the data you need.

1390: Whats Better Than the Help Function in Excel? Microsoft Training
The online help feature in Excel is a comprehensive resource for new and experienced users alike but it has its limits. When using Excel, Microsoft training with certified instructors gives you access to support that isn't possible with an online resource.

1391: Can You Afford PowerPoint Training If Your Company Has a High Turnover?
Why pay for PowerPoint training if an employee is going to pack up and leave? To appreciate the problem, flip the question around. Can you afford not to train employees who don't leave?

1392: PowerPoint Advanced Concepts - The Importance of Design
At first most people see PowerPoint as a simple slide show program. Advanced users take the experience one step further. They understand that there is more to design than sticking words on a screen.

1393: Using Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced Techniques
Judging by most office PowerPoint presentations, most employees don't realize that there is much more to PowerPoint than just graphs and text bullets. Advanced techniques make your presentations more powerful and effective.

1394: Registry Cleaners Are A Necessary Utility
Many so-called experts on the subject will post various tips and advise on multiple forums and Blogs about the system registry and the use of registry clean tools. Some of them also advise against the use of any form of registry cleaning software though they will, in the same article, admit that the registry continues to bloat with useless information that may slow down the system in the long run. Their 'long run' is about three months.

1395: Discover The Key To Making Sure Your Computer Is Protected With The Best Anti-Spyware
It's no secret that you need to protect your computer from spyware. However, are you using the best protection that you can?

1396: Mac Vs PC - Logic and Common Sense to the Rescue!
To many people have been touting how the Mac is immune to Viruses and more secure than the PC. Many are even advocating the greater expense of the Mac for this very reason. In the March, 2008 issue of the ABA Journal there is an article regarding PC versus MAC in regards to cost, security and usability. This article is a response to the comments from Ben Stevens and Rick Georges and the comments they have made in this great debate of the "New Century" as they put it. I have been in IT for 20+ years; I have over 10 years of MAC experience dating back to the MAC Plus. I have about 15 years of PC experience and the last 5 years have been focusing on security and intrusion prevention. I am also a SANS GIAC Certified Security Professional. When I had my own computer business I specialized in setups and upgrades of fully networked systems for law firms. In other words, I have the background qualifications to set the record straight. I guess you could call me the "expert witness" here.

1397: What is Electronic Nose?
The principle of eNose is that it uses an array of sensors. The name itself Electronic Nose (eNose) used for the first time during 1988.

1398: Working with Tech Support
Have you ever had to wait on the phone for an hour just to talk to a tech support representative. Maybe you've sent emails to technical support only to have them disappear. Here are 5 tips that should make you next technical support incident easier and more productive.

1399: Fix Your Low Memory Problem With Windows Readyboost
Do you know that you can increase your computer's performance using the Readyboost technology that comes with Microsoft Windows Vista? Read this article to learn more on this latest breakthrough!

1400: Business Inventory Software Control
Any system, to be organized has to maintain a record of all the things it holds. From a small scale industry to a multinational company, every organization has to maintain a log of its inventory. Even for a home, an inventory record has to be maintained.

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