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1421: The HD DVD War Is Over - Blu-Ray Prevails
The high definition DVD war is over. The challenger has thrown in the towel and the victors arm is held aloft. The announcement by Toshiba that its HD DVD format was to be abandoned has confirmed expectations that Sony's more expensive BLUE ray solution would prevail.

1422: RIP - Routing Information Protocol
RIP (Routing Information Protocol) is a distant vector routing protocol. RIP algorithm has been in use since the early days of ARPAnet.

1423: Apple Gazette -Technical Expertise
Apple Inc., an American multinational corporation has a main focus on designing and manufacturing consumer electronic and software products.

1424: The YouTube Generation - Soon Well All Watch TV on Computer
A new breed of computer software allows users to watch TV on computer, with access to programming from all over the world. The "YouTube generation" seems to be driving this trend of watching TV online, having grown up relying more on the computer for entertainment, than study or work.

1425: How To Save Time Online
One of the biggest problems anyone faces online involves too much to do and not enough time to get it done! I'm not talking about the casual Internet user who jumps online to check email, use Skype, or watch YouTube videos. I'm referring to the ever-growing number of people who use the Internet for much of their business activities. If you fall into that category, the following tips will easily help you save considerable time online.

1426: Maximizing Rice Production Through Robotic Technology
The transplanting machine can make an accurate plan and direction on where to transplant around a six inch long rice seedlings. The rice seedlings are grown over two weeks on a long mat, using hydro-phonics culture system.

1427: Church Virus Protection - 10 Ways To Improve Your Data Security
Church Virus Protection is an important think that is often over looked by many churches. This article gives you 10 of the easiest ways to protect your files from malicious attacks from hackers and viruses. Following these tips will help you assure your church is safe.

1428: Watch Free Live Video Of All Sports On Your Computer
There are many ways in which you can watch free live sport on your computer. Including sports such as the NBA, NFL, Boxing pay per views, cricket matches, soccer matches and all other types of sports. As a sports lover I have done a lot of research on the topic and the following points will save you a lot of time and should allow you to watch your favorite sports free on your computer.

1429: How To Select An Electronic Reading Device - 6 Key Considerations
Electronic reading devices are being touted to be the future of reading. It certainly offers an option due to the convenience and variety of features such devices offer. What should we look for when purchasing one of these devices?

1430: The Efficient Way to Erase Recent Documents
When you want to erase recent documents completely, you have to do more than empty the recycle bin. This move does not completely erase documents at all.

1431: Free File Shredder vs Purchased File Shredder
The free file shredder can be downloaded from the web. But when it comes to file security, purchasing a file shredder is actually better than going for the free one.

1432: Easy Ways to Show Hidden Files
There might come a time when you need to show hidden files stored on your computer. Here are some easy options for you.

1433: Technology, Change And Process Capabilities
No one can argue the fact that we can do more, faster, because of technology. In many cases we buy the latest technological tools to increase productivity and increase profits. We buy the technology and then proudly sit back and wait for the benefits to materialize. Unfortunately, more often than not, production value remains stagnate or increases only marginally.

1434: Do You Think Yahoos Release Of OnePlace Will Increase Mircosofts Bid For Yahoo?
With Microsoft breathing down Yahoo's neck with its $41 billion takeover bid, the company has release an application that was three years in the making. Yahoo's OnePlace is meant to make your mobile internet experience much easier with smart linking and better presentation with web information. Is this mobile internet application Yahoo's last grasp before Microsoft takes over the company?

1435: Gizmos - The Middle Class
Technology has become so integrated into the fabric of our day-to-day life that we no longer consider it as technology per se. Technology is cool; it's not for geeks. Everyone from young children to grandparents use the latest technologies without question, and for many, the hi-tech gadgets you own say a lot about status and fashion.

1436: Thriving Computer Support Services
These days, most businesses and home computer users are fast embracing online computer support services to handle their computer repair and support requirements. These services are certainly better than hauling yourself in the hassles associated with bringing a computer to a repair center.

1437: Taking A Look At The Samsung LCD Pricings
Okay, enough is enough. Why are you wasting your television viewing time by keeping that old bulky boob tube around? The same thing applies to that big screen TV you just had to have because the screen size was gigantic.

1438: Computer 101 at Cuckoo Nest University
The computer junk nightmare continues with Cuckoo Nest University advice piling contradiction upon contradiction on top of jargon that requires a glossary which has six definitions for each word. Shame on you self styled gurus who create this garbage! We don't want you messing with our brains. We don't love you for trying to help us. We think you are a blot on the computer landscape. Yes we do.

1439: What is Nanotechnology?
Nanotechnology, in general, is the science of everything exists which is made up from atoms and molecules. However, Nanotechnology as we know it today - and as defined by Professor Drexler, is engineering and not a branch of science. Here we manipulate the atoms and molecules and restructure/reorganise them the way we want in order to produce certain materials and/or certain technology at a nano-scale level.

1440: Upgrade Fever
Most of us love new toys. In the adult world, that means new gadgets.

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