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1441: How To Watch Any TV Channel Online - Watch Live TV Right On Your PC
One question we get a couple of times each week is "How can I watch live TV on my computer?" It's a good question that we thought would be worth exploring in a quick article. Nowadays it is possible to watch just about any TV channel right from your PC.

1442: Data Center Automation - What Your Organization Needs
When it comes to researching resources, there are several aspects worth considering, to ensure that business and operational needs are met. From the basics of implementing a software solution to automate tasks such as provisioning, patching and software distribution, to a full blown multi-tier architecture, data center automation is key.

1443: Is Adobe The Next Netscape?
Today Microsoft chairman and mastermind, Bill Gates, announced that the software giant is giving away million of dollars in developer applications with a new initiative called DreamSpark, which will provide professional software tools available at no charge to high school and university students worldwide. Wow, good software Samaritan, we all love Microsoft, we really do.

1444: The Easy Way To Find Out Who Owns Any Phone Number
Many people are surprised to find out how much information you can discover about someone by having nothing but their phone number. With just this one piece of information you can find out someone's full name, address, location details and background information.

1445: Time And Date In PHP5
To fully utilize the time functionality of PHP, you must understand how PHP measures time. For PHP, time is measured as the number of seconds since January 1, 1970, the UNIX epoch. Hence any moment in time is store as a simple integer. Time, when stored this way, is often referred to as a time stamp. As you will see, many functions either return a time stamp or use a time stamp as a parameter. You must be careful however, when reading documentation or code comments.

1446: Blu Ray Technology History
Blu-ray is a new optical disc standard based on the use of a blue laser rather than the red laser of dvd players. It is not just a format for high-definition video and audio, it's a higher-capacity disc format.

1447: End of HD DVD Era
In one of its recent announcements, Toshiba Corporation has declared that it is going to discontinue manufacturing and development of HD DVD. Not only that it also declared to stop manufacturing and marketing of HD DVD players and recorders.

1448: Basics of Successful Web Design
A good web design is done from the point of view of the visitors and it incorporates simple and easy features. With the advent of Web 2.0 the websites in the cyberspace have now become much more interactive with user generated content and a lot of other such features.

1449: Backup Software - What Software is Best for Backing Up Your Data?
There are countless software programs available nowadays for backing up your data. Much of it is user-friendly so that even newbies have no excuse for not backing up their computers anymore. Now, what you choose to back up depends on what you don't want to lose should something happen...and something always does happen. Losing data isn't a matter of "if"; it's a matter of "when". It may be that you want to protect are family photos, your resume, or your emails. Or you might want to protect three years of income tax returns. Businesses can have confidential files, customer records, and proprietary business data. In other words, the things we want to protect are all important to us, but some may be "more important" than others in the sense of what a loss of that data would cost us.

1450: Network Management Strategy
Network management is people who manage the top level of administration and maintenance in large networks, often placed in charge of areas such as computers or telecommunications. However, those in network management never work with user terminal equipment.

1451: Clarifying The Technology Behind LCD Plasma TVs
Technology is an amazing thing. It constantly progresses. If you buy a new television set now, then in a few months or a year, the technology will be considered outdated.

1452: How to Get Rid of Adware
How annoying are those pop up ads to deal with. Did you realize they could be passing on information to third parties? If you are looking for a way to get rid of adware I have a review of several programs that can help you do just that.

1453: Special Event Videography - BluRay and HD DVD Simplified
In the eighties I had a BetaMax Video Player and a stack of Beta tapes. Pity that the rest of the world had sided with VHS and won. I made an informed decision. Beta was better, but funnily enough that fact was not important. Interestingly it was the support of the adult film industry that tipped the scales in favor of VHS. Who'd have thought that I would be financially punished for my lack of interest in porn?

1454: Your Spelling Teacher Should Kill You - How Bad People Misspell Firefox?
The Mozilla Firefox Browser is hugely popular and for this reason many people misspell its name while searching for it on the search engines. Really funny combinations of searches appear when you take a look at what people type. The confusion with the movie A lot of searches include the word Foxfire, a movie where Angelina Jolie appears.

1455: Confused About Multiple Monitors? It Wont Get Much Easier Than This!
In a previous article I talked about how to have two monitors or more and if that was even a very useful thing to have. Being fully convinced that having more than one monitor is not only useful but preferable, I have to pipe up about some new technology. Well, relatively new. It's been around for just few of months, but it's taking off and getting great reviews.

1456: Choosing a Paper Planner
With the growing popularity of laptops, tablet PCs, and PDA's, more and more people are adopting some form of electronic calendar system. A large number people, however, prefer the familiarity of a paper planner - and who could blame them? Although electronic calendars offer many benefits in terms of efficiency, they don't provide the satisfaction derived from putting pen to paper, the joy of reminiscing while reviewing the past year's events and accomplishments. Or the thrill of a blank new calendar along with the anticipation of what will be written in it over the coming months.

1457: That Embedded Product - Did You See It?
This article defines the embedded microprocessor industry and "embedded products." It tasks the reader to take notice of the displays and GUIs and embedded devices in the world around them. It portrays the importance of having engineers dedicated to make these technology advancements happen so that our world can be a happy audio-visually intensive place.

1458: Introduction To IP Addressing And Networking
This report is based on the training and experience gathered during my six months attachment in the Technical support/Installations department at Linkserve Ltd. The major areas of operation include VSAT technology, VPN (Virtual Private Network), web design and web hosting services and prepaid calling card among others. The training has exposed me to various aspects of computer networking, IP routing and IP switching and how to manage a network from an office network to larger networks. Areas covered in this report includes IP addressing, Network Address Translation (NAT), IP switching and Virtual Private Network (VPN).

1459: New Computer Filters Offer Simple, Inexpensive Dust Protection
Computer filters offer dust and dirt protection for your PC. A common fear is that adding a computer filter to the air inlet port near the power supply fan may do little to block dust and dirt from entering the computer unit.

1460: College Computer Considerations
So you've graduated from secondary school and have just been accepted to college. Although going to college is still just studying, it's a more intense kind of studying as opposed to high school. This is because you are now going to try to get a degree in a chosen field of study such as law, medicine, fine arts, etc.

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