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1481: Getting Up To Speed
There are many types of laptop accessory. Find information on laptop memory, laptop batteries, laptop adapters, laptop keyboards, laptop RAM and more.

1482: Maintain Your Own Point Of Sale System
During tough economic times you really have to be smarter with your money. You wouldn't pay too much for your inventory and you shouldn't pay too much to maintain your equipment. You wouldn't call an electrician to change a light bulb in a lamp and you shouldn't pay for a service call on your POS system that you can handle yourself.

1483: Things Even Pro's Love to Forget!
There are certain things Professionals in Business or Solo Entrepreneurs tend to forget. That is who or "whom" they are speaking too, whether it's their clients, customers, business associates, or their great-grandmother! Do they understand what you are saying?

1484: The Wonderful World of Pixel Art - Animated Gifs and Free Emoticons
What is pixel art? What are emoticons? How can I find them? This article is intended as a beginners guide to the basics and background to emoticons and pixel art used on forums, MySpace and Live Messenger, as well as how to find them for yourself.

1485: Should You Look Into Online Computer Classes?
We are getting to the age in our history where you need to learn and know how to use some kind of electronics or you are going to be without a job. The day that we are living in today is getting to be more and more about electronics. If you haven't already thought about learning how to use a computer then you should start thinking about it now because computers are going to be the only thing that is running us in the future.

1486: Do You Need To Upgrade Your Monitor? - Maybe You Want To Upgrade Your Entire Computer
If you still have the same old computer monitor that you have had since you bought your first computer then you need to seriously upgrade. The newer models of computer screens that we have the choice to buy today are way better then any computer screens I have ever seen.

1487: How To Connect Your Computer To Your Home Theater
These days, a computer can act a lot more like an entertainment device than ever before. You can watch online video, listen to music, view pictures and more!

1488: How To Prevent And Eliminate Spyware, Adware, And Viruses
Wow, sounds like a big topic, doesn't it? It's not so bad. Sure, you can go buy expensive solutions-in-a-box. There are offerings like Norton Anti-Virus, Webroot Spy Sweeper, and Lavasoft Ad Aware. The first two will cost you, whereas Ad Aware is a free download. All three are decent programs.

1489: 3 Basic Tips On Using Microsoft Word
If you're writing a basic letter or other document in Microsoft Word, you may want these three commonly used tips on how to make the most of the experience. #1 Using Bold, Italics, and Underline - To make something bold, italicized or underlined, here's what to do. First of all, highlight the text you want to be affected.

1490: Google Sky
Google has done yet another leap into the techno-future with their monumental addition to Google Earth, the much touted Google Sky. The big brother-esque utility friendly Google Earth has successfully been one upped with the addendum of Sky. Trekkies and astronomers unite as the worlds of sci-fi and science crash in jubilation over it and it is worth the hype it has garnered.

1491: Email Compliance - Does This Really Mean Me?
Over the past ten years email has evolved into a recognized communications vehicle. What began as primarily social use is now ubiquitous in the business world. As usage has increased, so has the span and gravity of the information sent - contracts, marketing plans, employment agreements, financial data and product designs. Email repositories have now become the 'vaults' for over 70% or more of a company's intellectual property (IP). As email becomes more prominent, so does the oversight required of an organization. Why is Email Now Being Scrutinized?

1492: To Upgrade or Not Upgrade? That is the Question
By now, every one has heard the news and seen the hype about Microsoft's worldwide launch of Windows Server 2008 on February 27 in Los Angeles. This next generation of Microsoft's Windows operating system promises to provide security and ease of management while also placing emphasis on virtualization and Terminal Services. With many anticipating this forthcoming product launch, IT management is forced to make the decision - "To Upgrade or Not Upgrade?"

1493: Satellite TV Anywhere You Want
Watching TV on your TV is not the only option anymore. It is now possible to watch TV anywhere you want! How to do this is explained in this article.

1494: Why Trace Email - Here Are 4 Reasons
Why would you want to trace email? There are a couple of different reasons why people everywhere are tracing an email address. Find out why you would want to do this. You never know, you may have a reason that is common to everyone else.

1495: Blue Screen on Windows XP
This article describes the Blue Screen on Windows XP problem. Have you ever experienced working on a microsoft word document that you did not save and the blue screen error popped up. The screen freezes and the only way to get pass the blue screen error was to reboot your computer by pressing the reset button.

1496: Features in a Wireless Router
A router is a device that is connected to the computer in order to note that everything is connected properly and communicating properly. A wireless router, also called Wi-Fi, transforms a webpage or a website into signals, for example radio a signal, which is transferred as radio waves and is collected by the computer.

1497: Computer Addiction
Dictionary explains addiction as "the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma." True! But how can computer lead to something as serious as 'addiction'?

1498: Has IBM Become Irrelevant?
Is IBM still a viable force in the I.T. Industry? Years ago the technology industry was defined by IBM and the "BUNCH" (Burroughs, Univac, NCR, CDC, and Honeywell). One by one, the BUNCH slowly evaporated and have either been merged into other entities or taken a back seat to others, such as Digital, Wang, Data General, and others, all of which have also ridden off into the sunset.

1499: How and Where to Watch TV Online
The days of the television could be numbered. Statistics show that people are spending more and more time in front of their computers, which will soon replace the trusty TV as the nation's number one form of entertainment. Here are the best places to watch your favorite shows online.

1500: How to? Repair Win XP
Or you might hire a service to come wash your car; put a coating on your Deck; Clean you windows, since you don't do windows; or have your pool cleaned, dog groomed or some much needed home repair. Free windows registry repair helps in making the computer very stable, and also ensures smooth operation of software and windows operating system. Still, corporations and even small businesses that don't notice and repair their broken windows should not simply be forgiven because their consumers didn't make enough of a fuss.

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