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1521: Upgrade Windows XP
If you upgrade it would be a very good choice: it would speed it up, but you should use the free tools windows have, such as disk cleanup, disk defragmenter, get a registry cleaner and use scandisk to fix errors that can cause slow boot time, just for the basics. The list of such programs builds up over time and we need a windows registry cleaner to clean the registry of these redundant files and programs. Besides finding incorrect or obsolete information in the registry, most registry cleaner utilities provide backup or restore function, allowing users to backup the whole Windows Registry so that they can use the backup to restore the registry to the current status in case they encounter serious system failure.

1522: Use Of The 'Next-Hop-Self' Command For BGP Routing
A difference between bgp and other routing protocols is that when bgp announces a network to a peer, it sends the next hop address to reach that network, which is always the next hop beyond the router itself. All other routing protocols simply announce a network and the peer sends traffic for that network to the router making the announcement - that is, the peer router implies that the announcing router is the next hop.

1523: Computer Security Tutorial Part #2
Today we learn about ways to detect and stop viruses. Also learn about the uses of some tools.

1524: CRM Systems - Merging Technologies and People
Technology needs people and people need technology. This symbiotic relationship spurs business growth. A current example of this relationship is the CRM systems used by businesses, their personnel, suppliers, and customers.

1525: Why Not Opt For Computer Spring Cleaning
Computer technology is pretty common these days,today every one is dependent upon the computer systems for their work. Computer systems let us store the various kinds of documents and even make us available with different kind of information. It is all about a magic machine that enables us to find out solution for every problem.

1526: How Can Digital Beat Analog?
There was a time when electronics were analog. That is ancient history now.

1527: Seniors - Computers Can Be Their Magic Carpets!
Seniors, computers can introduce them to the wonders of the universe. They can learn computer operation easily from a book, the same way they learned to read words in school. They can voyage through the world without leaving the comfort of their home.

1528: Remember The Milk - A Must Have Addition To Your Google Account
Remember The Milk (RTM) is something I came across just a few weeks ago. I discovered it whilst searching for add-ons to Gmail. What is it? I doubt I can put it better than the makers themselves... "Managing tasks is generally not a fun way to spend your time. We created Remember The Milk so that you no longer have to write your to-do lists on sticky notes, whiteboards, random scraps of paper, or the back of your hand. Remember The Milk makes managing tasks an enjoyable experience."

1529: Regulatory Data Compliance - How Does This Affect Your Company?
Over the past decade, significant legal requirements have evolved concerning an organization's digital data. Measures that initially applied only to major Fortune 500 corporations have now expanded to apply to any business with employees. The complexity of today's compliance framework has caused confusion about what is required. Many businesses are assuming a 'wait and see' stance or rationalize that 'this probably does not apply to me'. Indifference on taking action can become damaging.

1530: Why Do I Need to Fix Corrupt Registry Files, My Computer is Only Two Months Old?
It is true a new computer should out perform an older model by a wide margin. However, even the newest, right off the assembly line, Dual Core P4 will slow down very quickly if some essential steps are not taken!

1531: The Origin Of Email - How It All Began
Email is used everyday by millions across the world, but where did it originate from? Get a first hand look at the origin of electronic mail.

1532: All About Buying Used DVDs
DVDs are the latest media for movies and video entertainment. New DVDs can be expensive, so the common trend for most people is to buy used DVDs and there is a large market for it. Usually, there are stores that specialize in used DVDs.

1533: Dell Laptops
Small is beautiful. The general conception that the computers are intelligent falls flat when one observes and deals with the errors generated by them. The computers can at the best be termed as a good executer of orders. Orders issued by the human masters.

1534: Information Technology Problem Solving - The 6 Principles of Scientific Problem Solving
This paper will explain a scientific approach to problem solving. Although it is written to address Information Technology related problems, the concepts might also be applicable in other disciplines. The methods, concepts, and techniques described here is nothing new, but it is shocking how many "problem solvers" fail to use them. In between I will include some real-life examples.

1535: How To Request Technical Support
When you're requesting technical support - whether from a software author, an ISP or even a company help desk - there are a number of steps you can take to make the process more pleasant and more likely to yield the results you want. Avoid the common support request pitfalls and get the fast answers you crave by following these simple tips.

1536: Study For Your Exam By Finding MCSA Exam Questions
There are several reasons why you want to pass your test when you are studying to be a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, or MCSA. It is mainly because you want to land a job that will recognize your effort and pay you for them. If you want to succeed you need to be prepared for tests.

1537: Gadget Buying Tips - 4 Facts You Need to Remember
Itching to buy that nifty looking gadget you saw during one of your travels? Take a large step back. Here are 4 Facts to consider before buying that walking cellphone.

1538: The Safety Of A Good Anti Spyware
I have used antivirus products since the DOS and Windows days when antivirus protection was still an option. Today you not only need AV protection for your PC but you also should have good antispyware and a software firewall. In the old days Norton AV used to be a premium AV program that worked well at a reasonable price. These things are no longer true today and the software security industry has become a multi-billion dollar monster that mostly cares about their own profits before customer interests.

1539: Hey! Don't Do That!
After a close call with a yellow cab driver a year ago, nobody has to scream, beat me to the ground, or write me a summon to make me understand the severity of this problem. I am fully aware of the dangers of operating any technological apparatus while crossing the street. A word of advice to the savvy and know it all. Take your time to set it up, make that call, listen to your favorite song, dance and enjoy, surf the web if you must but keep your eyes pealed for those already distracted behind the wheel.

1540: Disadvantages Of Free Email Services
This article is good for anyone who is using a free email service for his/her email account. This describes the disadvantages that the subscriber experiences.

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