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1541: Finding The Right Computer Technology School
One of the most promising careers a young person can look into these days is information technology, commonly referred to as IT. Those who are looking to forge a career in computer technology will need to find the right IT school for their needs. This field has all the potential to become a booming career choice for today's young adults.

1542: The Importance Of Keeping Your Registry Clean
When you buy a new computer, it is as if there is a completely new world just waiting for you to create it. Your new computer is fun and exciting and it is fast. When you turn it on it only takes a moment to load your settings and provide you with instant access to whatever you need. The internet allows you to explore other worlds and collect the information that is important to you. You fill your new computer up with documents and pictures, programs that make your life easier and games to play.

1543: What Makes a Great Colocation Facility?
Mission-critical servers are stored in colocation facilities - which means, simply, that the heart of any business connectivity is housed within a colo. The quality of that business communications and functions, then, depend on the quality of the colo; any colo or data center has to be dependable and provide near-perfect uptime, and that breaks down into three things: reliable power, responsive network connections, and climate-controlled server rooms.

1544: Big-Box Retailers - Benefit or Detriment to Small Businesses?
This type of convenience has become more and more popular as big-box retailers (Wal-Mart, Target, and others like it) have become more and more influential. In the documentary "Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices", they mentioned that Wal-Mart contributes more than 2% to the Gross National Product (GDP) of the US alone!

1545: Why is My Computer So Slow? Four Possible Reasons
You've got a new, or relatively new computer. You paid good money and got all the stuff that was recommended and naturally, you thought this computer was going to be real fast; at least faster than the old one! So, why does it seem all you do on your computer is wait? Here are the top four reasons computers get bogged down.

1546: How To Make Your Computer Faster
Your computer seems to be slowing down more every week. Discover what are the best ways to make your computer faster again.

1547: CD Replication - An Affordable Way to Get Your Voice Heard
Whether you're a motivational speaker in search of an audience, a musician in search of a recording label, or a company in search of customers, using CDs or DVDs is an extremely effective means of communicating your message. Marketing and advertising professionals understand the power of audio and video to leave a lasting impression, and frequently insert CDs or DVDs into mass mailings, magazine poly bags, and press kits. They know something that those who are just making a name for themselves aren't aware of: CD duplication and DVD replication isn't as expensive as it might seem.

1548: What Does It Take To Be A Programmer?
Not all people has the guts to learn how to program, even I.T students were having a hard time understanding the algorithm of every programming / formatting and scripting languages. Logic is the magic word that every programmer/developer should have.

1549: WAN Acceleration - 10 Reasons Why Businesses Need To Deploy This Technology
WAN optimization and application acceleration solutions are the hottest topics in IT these days. Many IT professionals are scrambling to get budget money approved to deploy these solutions in their environment as quickly as possible. You too can take advantage of this powerful, business enabling technology once you understand the driving reasons why this game changing other IT professionals have to get their hands on these solutions.

1550: 20 Laptop Security Tips
Learn how to Secure your wireless laptop from all threats. Hackers crackers and slackers are looking to steal, infect and exploit your laptop for profit and gain. You have made an investment so learn how to protect it.

1551: How To Setup Dual Monitors To Enhance Your Viewing Area and Gaming Fun
Ah... the aspect of using more than one monitor for work and play. No, it is not just something for the computer gods and the rest of us to dream about. It is real, and quite possibly more easier to access than you think. The ability to work easily with two windows on separate monitors is an amazing feat, as well as being able to use dual monitors for gaming, or just to increase your productivity at home while watching movies, or editing pictures.

1552: With Online Video, What Are The Issues Surrounding Codecs?
When you plan to add video to your website, choosing an encoding format that the most potential viewers can use without issues should be high on your checklist of requirements. In this article I explain and try to de-mystify what the technical terms mean, and what you can to to ensure that your video works for your site visitors every time.

1553: FCC Investigates Comcast On P2P Blocking Charges
In a quest for net neutrality, over 23,000 Comcast Cable Internet Users mailed the Federal Communications Commission in an effort to put an end to the blocking of peer-to-peer traffic by the ISP. The FCC is set to investigate the complaint in the upcoming weeks and is requesting information regarding the case from all Comcast subscribers. This is not the first time that Comcast has been accused of blocking or slowing software programs or users.

1554: The Low Down On Microsoft Surface
Microsoft has given birth to the latest and greatest in technological revolution, yet again putting them ahead of the pack. Here is the information you need to know about Surface.

1555: CD and DVD Authoring
From a basic navigation menu at the front end of your DVD to a fully animated and moving menu with web-links, video menus and slide shows, you can easily find the best authoring solutions for your CD or DVD content. CD or DVD Copy protection is usually offered on top of CD/DVD authoring to provide copy protection for your CD or DVD content where necessary. Because it has become more and more important to protect a CD or DVD against copy, a lot of system have been developed to do so.

1556: Gigabit Ethernet Gige Vs Firewire Ieee1394 - Do You Know The Difference?
When looking at what connectivity options are available for an industrial vision application, today we are fortunate enough to have many options available. With the vast number of choices available, users are given the ability to pick and choose the right combination of bandwidth, transmission length, data integrity, and customization for their industrial camera application.

1557: Be Sure To Research Your New Photo ID System
There are many types of photo identification systems out there to choose from. They also vary in price, so when you are selecting the perfect photo identification system for either your business or personal needs, make sure that not only are you getting a good quality system, you are also not breaking your budget. With the amount of photo ID systems out there, you may seem like you get a little overwhelmed when doing the research.

1558: SAP - If 1=2 What Is This Code About?
We all might have seen the code "IF 1=2. ....do this...EndIF" and we also know that this code never turns true. The main purpose of such code is for "Maintainability" of the program. Confused?? Read the following.

1559: Repairing Digital Video Disk ROMs
The article guides you on various process of repairing your DVD Rom. This is just an intro to repair your device if help is unavailable. Four methods have described in the article to help reader in accomplishing his task.

1560: Fix A Computer
It happens to just about everyone eventually. You buy a new computer and for awhile it runs great but then eventually you start noticing things like it runs a little slower than before or maybe your browsing window locks up occasionally. Time to get someone to fix a computer right?

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