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141: Edi Mapping and SaaS Based Edi
Apart from the popularity of the EDI in the industry, the way EDI has been incorporated has typically undergone a drastic change. Once upon a time the EDI VAN's were the buzzword, whereas if you look at the current scenario, all the software are getting even more popular as a service, and the concept of Saas (Software as a Service) has emerged out as triumphant.

142: How to Save Money When Printing
Ink is now more expensive than gold, and not many business's nowadays are fans of printing away money. This article highlights 11 simple steps to knock your costs down and save money for other areas of the company.

143: How to Choose a Reputable, Dependable Computer Repair Shop
The computers that you use every day in your business will someday require repair. How do you decide who you will call? Do you just open the Yellow Pages and smile and dial? This article will provide you with specific questions you should ask before hiring a technician or repair shop.

144: How to Select an Ink Cartridge
Printers are one of the most useful computer accessories used in houses, offices and schools. However, buying inkjet cartridges for your printer can be a frightening task. You should really know how to choose the best inkjet cartridges to avoid getting confused by the various available options.

145: What to Look For in an IT Business Solutions Provider
For the task of choosing an IT business solutions provider, companies should be guided by a model that looks at the value delivered by investments. Under this model, they need to look for several features that should be in their prospective technology partner's terms of service:

146: The Essential Elements of an IT Business Solutions Provider
A reliable IT business solutions provider should have a vision for its services that goes beyond expert advice regarding hardware. This is because IT management is a truly comprehensive affair.

147: Optimizing Technology Infrastructure Through Desktop Virtualization
When business pundits stress the importance of technology investments such as solutions for desktop virtualization, they do not necessarily mean that those who spend the most for IT will become the most successful. Instead, they refer to investments in tools that truly deliver results.

148: Brief Account of the Personal Computer History
A couple of technical innovations lead to the creation of what we now refer to as personal computers or PC for short. The integration of IC and microprocessor were the basic reasons why we have a very powerful device now.

149: The Launch of Personal Computers
The names Stephen Jobs and Stephen Wozniak certainly ring bell. This article aims to provide information about the contribution of these two individuals in the personal computer invention.

150: Could Something Like Google Goggles Help Law Enforcement?
Google Goggles is a tool that allow a picture to be used to search the internet. This type of technology can also be used for faces and searches. Would something like this be used by law enforcement?

151: The Growth of Technology
Thanks to the surge in technology and mobile devices, the world has become an even smaller and more efficient place. From homes, to schools and offices, the use of handheld devices as the iPhone makes the sharing of information and media so much easier.

152: Healthcare IT Solutions Are Simple to Find on the Web But Its Something That Involves Research
You can easily find healthcare IT solutions online - you only need to know where to shop. Have a search on a selection of online pages and see what you can find. Once you conduct several look ups in the search engines you'll probably be faced with a multitude of promotions and bargains which might be advantageous.

153: Modern Gadgets Fighting Off Prejudice
Prejudice continues to be one of the leading forms of discrimination around the world, even in the 21st-century where we understand scientifically that every single human being on this planet is exactly the same, regardless of the color of their skin or the country they were born in. Even so, prejudice exists with fairly alarming regularity even in the most developed societies of the world, with many of these preconceived judgments literally engraved into the very fabric of the social quilt that makes up the way a nation functions. There are three main types of prejudice: cognitive, affective, and...

154: Types of Cable Splitters
When it comes to choosing a cable splitter, you should make sure that you are choosing the right type of cable splitter for your use. First, there are two types of splitters. These include the active cable modem splitters and the passive cable modem splitters.

155: Top E Learning Tools
E learning has proven itself to be an effective method of imparting information, knowledge and skills to different people on a wide array of topics and subjects. It is significant in different fields and industries because of the benefits it offers such as ease of use, convenience, flexibility and efficiency.

156: How Fast Software and Hardware Installation Can Make Life Easier
Technology can certainly make business and personal life more efficient (and fun!) and manufacturers of these types of products are also continuously trying to make the setup process as easy as possible. Now that we have so much technology that makes our lives easier, we have gotten much more impatient - we want things to be ready to use and at our fingertips the moment we need them.

157: Improve Security in Office With Network Protection
The digital era of internet and web applications is widening. The enormous data and flow of information within the systems are finding it tough to handle all at once. Most of you would be aware of the fact that nowadays almost every organization is working through internet and therefore it is easier for the people to reach them.

158: Value Added Teaming For Winning Intelligence Community IT and Cyber Security Projects
The trend in Federal Contracting is the award of large, multi vendor Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts that cover the acquisition of a wide range of Information Technology and Cyber Security technology. Even the largest prime contractor has difficulty in preparing a winning proposal that addresses all of the specific requirements outlined in the Request for Proposal (RFP) and, as a result, teaming arrangements are usually formed to bid and win the contract for the project.

159: Bulk Signing Simplified For Telcos
The mobile boom has allowed telecommunication companies worldwide to add millions of new subscribers every month, resulting in massive customer-base. Now, the challenge is to hold on to this customer-base with innovative and smart business ideas. The huge number of customer base puts tremendous pressure on the Operations of these companies.

160: How to Create an Email Group in Gmail
This article describes the process of creating en email group in the most favorite and lightweight email client - Gmail. Using the email group, users can save their time, as they do not need to manually type the email addresses of all of the recipients. Moreover, this article tells you how to use the email group.

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