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1661: Computer Basics
What is a computer? Very basically, a computer is a collection of hardware and software that allows you to take various types of input, manipulate them, and turn them into various types of output. The computer's main uses today include information processing of all kinds, storing that information, running various office applications, sending and receiving email, running and maintaining databases, accessing the internet, and running thousands of different types and designs of machinery and systems.

1662: Why You Should Use A Software Testing Service Before You Release Your Software
If you are into software development, then you need to know how important a software testing service is. You may be in a hurry to get your software released to the masses and start making lots of money, but if you fail to have it tested before you release it, you are asking for trouble.

1663: Anatomy Of A CD And DVD
Most of a CD is made of clear polycarbonate plastic. The plastic has tiny or pits molded into it. The data is arranged as a long helical string that begins in the center and spirals to the outside. The laser reads a CD from the underside of the Disc and because the distance from the surface and a pit is different, you can store binary 1s and 0s , which are the building blocks of a digital signal.

1664: CD and DVD Replication Process
Replication is the process of making an exact replica i.e. exact copies of your master. It's the most cost effective manufacturing process for high volume requirements for the CD Rom/ Audio - DVD Video/ DVD Rom market.

1665: Accessories and Equipment - Music, Pictures and Security Devices
Since electronics equipment today is often discarded when it becomes obsolete or is broken, some of the common components are aimed at improving the functionality of the equipment rather than repairing. Peripherals such as fax, copier, zip drive and portable hard drive are common additions.

1666: CD and DVD Replication and Duplication - Making Sense Of The Options
DVD & CD duplication vs. DVD & CD replication - what's the difference? How do the duplication and replication processes differ, and which should you use when looking to create a custom disc? Learn the basics.

1667: Basic Printing Terms Guide
If you are not part of the printing industry, and graphic design is not your profession, then terms like CMYK, watermarks, and emboss, might fly over your head. Advertising has become a large industry, which has either taken over or overlapped practically every other industry. It is often presumed that those common terms, such as DPI, are part of person's general knowledge, but often this is not the case.

1668: Budgeting for IT Support and Networking
Copyright (c) 2008 Thomas Burns We've written a two-part series of articles discussing how to help you grow your network to assure you meet your company's IT needs. Part I focused on how to start the new year with a sound network. This month's article discusses the importance of budgeting for IT support and networking for increased productivity and growth in 2008.

1669: Buy A Computer Today With Knowledge and An Upper Hand
Buy a computer today with confidence and avoid sales-pitch trickery. Doing this though requires prior research, knowledge and goals. Seek this article to purchase a computer in 2008 with an upper hand.

1670: Computer Rental - Should You Rent or Buy a Computer?
Should you rent or buy a computer? Find out what you should consider when making this decision.

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