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161: Should Linux Be Called GNU-Linux, GNU, Or Just Linux?
The GNU and Linux debate is an old one. Some want GNU while others like GNU/Linux. Linux has grown beyond GNU. Since it's on millions of devices, isn't is proper to just call it Linux?

162: Sit Back and Control Your PC From Afar With Your New PC Remote Control
Need to control the mouse, without a mouse? A PC Remote Control does just that!

163: MSCONFIG Cleanup
As we all know, MSCONFIG cleanup is a way of removing or disabling unnecessary files in your startup list. This is to avoid them from loading when your Windows boot and to optimize your computer's performance as well.

164: Frame Network Made Suitable For WAN Applications
What is Frame Network? And what can it do as a WAN protocol? Learn more about this awesome piece of technology...

165: Refurbished HP Desktop Computers
Today if a customer is looking around for brand new system or a refurbished system, both of these are now found easily. All multi-national brand companies are now focusing more on selling refurbished computers and laptops in the world along with brand new systems and laptops.

166: Tips and Tricks For Linux Mint
Linux Mint is one of the many Linux distributions to choose from. Learn answers to very common questions about this operating system.

167: How Can Computer Visualization Help You For Competitive Advantage?
Virtualization will give a much more flexible environment for developers, testers and customers. There will not be any requirement to setup separate systems for different users for developing and testing. The network administrators can add as much as new virtual systems, (as long as it is supported by physical hardware).

168: Benefits of Computer Visualization
Traditionally each server is used to run a single application. This will only use about 15% - 25% of the processing capacity. About 75% - 85% of processing capacity has been wasted since it is not tapped.

169: A USB Optical Mouse is Much Better Than the Wheeled Equivalent
Say goodbye to wheel scum. The newer optical mice have all the productivity without the fuss.

170: Producing a Top Quality CD
If the idea of producing top quality CD's with the intention of selling them appeals to you, you will need top quality duplications of CD's. This may mean that you have to look for a company to reproduce the CD's for you. Whatever matters CD duplication could end up being a major part of your budget, but it should not take up your entire budget.

171: Disadvantages of Computer Visualizations
When virtualized, there can be some logical hardware which might not give as much as performance as their physical counterparts do. This is especially true in virtualized servers. Since, the servers has to run VMMs and do their management, there will be a drop of overall performance of the system. Even virtualized disk-related processes can be relatively slower at peek hours.

172: Enjoy the Versatility of Heatseal Machine
Heatseal is an important technology that benefits man. Whether you have a business or stay at home, you have definitely purchased a product or two that were done through heat sealing. You can find the packages anywhere, from food products to medicine and electronics, heatseal makes all these possible. As the machine is becoming popular equipments in many industries, you need to understand its function and its work to enjoy its versatility. Here are the essential facts about the technology that makes it the most practical investment you can ever make.

173: The Men Behind Apple, Inc
Steve Jobs is one of the original founders of Apple, along with two others. He worked with Apple since its conception up to the point where he was removed of his managerial duties due to infighting that prompted him to resign and form another company, Nextel.

174: Toshiba NB305 Mini Netbook Personal Review
After thinking about getting a netbook for a while, I finally decided to get one right before I went on a trip. I really did not want to lug my heavy laptop with me, and I was definitely happy that I got the netbook because I barely noticed it in my shoulder bag. After a lot of research and consideration, I decided to get the Toshiba NB305 Mini Netbook in frost white. I will now give my own personal review.

175: Problems With WMA Files While Using Your Mac
At times there are WMA file problems while using a Mac. There are a few options to get these files to work on your system.

176: What is the Solution to a Slow Computer?
What causes your computer to slow down, and what is the best way to get it fixed? First off, let us take a brief look at some of the problems you face with a slow computer.

177: Bluetooth Buzz!
Bluetooth uses a radio technology called frequency hopping spread spectrum. It is a standard communications protocol specially designed for low power consumption, based on low cost transceiver microchips in each device. Bluetooth exists in many devices such as PlayStation 3, PSP Go etc.

178: Effective Mousing Around the User Interface of Your Macintosh
By now you are receiving on to the thought that this calculating job involves a mountain more flicking than Dorothy had to exercise to get back to Kansas. She utilized ruby slippers. You experience to employ a mouse which is an important part of the computer in any format.

179: Using 4G Technology to Great Effect on a Daily Basis
People who hear about the capabilities of the new 4G wireless network always start figuring what the technology could do for them. Could it solve some problems at work? Could it make communicating with friends and family much easier?

180: Why Should I Lease My Computer Network Equipment Instead of Buy?
Computer equipment is very important, and your network computers are even more so. You have things like routers, hubs, servers, etc. These are all very expensive, but you could actually choose to lease your equipment from certain companies rather than buying them. There are a whole host of benefits to this and they aren't all price related.

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