The Reference Point of Success

In just a few paragraphs, I am going to give you the secret to success, and I am going to define it for you in its simplistic I spent years noodling this out and when I started writing one of my first books, which is not published as of this writing, the book's the first chapter was all about That chapter alone took me over a year to write because I was hung up on trying to define what success really So, I decided to put it in this book It made more definition of "success" comes from the Latin etymology of The word itself means; an endeavor of accomplishment, accumulation, position or attainment of wealth, or honors, or an achievement, that is marked by may be all well and good, but to me and others alike, that is the clinical version of what the word Let me give you an I really dislike it when people point to someone and say, "There goes He's very That's a load of Jonathan's success isn't measured by what he has, but what he did to get His path, his journey of who he is, or what he did, is his How many people did Jonathan help along the way? What did he do to "give back?" What kind of struggle, and how much pain did he endure, to get where he is today?

What lessons did he learn, or teach, on this journey of being successful? People miss that entirely, or they just don't get it because they are unaware of the path you must take to be Listen to me very carefully here; you cannot, ever, ever get to the prize without first going through the Sound familiar?

I wanted to take this a step further, and have it clearly defined as to what people's reference point is in their mind, and what success means to So, I went on a quest and literally would walk up to people in bookstores, malls and other public With notepad in hand, I told them I was writing a book, and could I ask them a Of course, people are inquisitive by nature, and they asked me what the book was about, so I told asked hundreds of people the exact same "What is your definition of success?" I wanted them to give me their interpretation of what success meant, and looked like, to I was amazed at their I went into this with an open mind, but I was expecting a different answer, from the ones I However, I did manage to ask some choice members of academia, the same To my surprise, the answers from the propeller heads, was no different from the answers that I received from John Public, oddly posed the question time and time again, and I was expecting people to tell me that they wanted $100 million in the bank, or they wanted a Ferrari, or a beautiful house on the top of a It wasn't anything like that to Success, to John Public, and the like, was about It was about loving their children and having peace within Success to people was to what love what you did for a Success was about being able to spend time with their family, being on vacation, and going to places they had never traveled to interviewing so many hundreds of people and asking them to give me their reference point of success, my faith in mankind was slowly being With that being said, here is my definition of success, which took me years to IS A PROGRESSION OF DOING GOOD THINGS CONSISTENTLY, OVER A PERIOD OF TIME!"

There you have it, plain, simple and to the Jonathan's success isn't measured by how many Ferraris he has, but his success is determined on the steps he took, and the people he helped along the way, to get to that It is a choice you make in Your reference point is a measure of your It is also a measure of what you do with your life, and what you do in your life time, to help close attention to this next I'm giving you another IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU! It cannot be about you, it is never about you, and it will never be about We are here to serve, and part of that success is helping people get what they If you help enough people get what they want in their life, you will get what you want automatically, by It is the way the universe is you keep doing good things, consistently over a period of time, you will affect so many That domino effect will gather momentum in grand Then you can look back in time and say, for certainty, that the defining moments that made you successful in your life, are the times you reached out and served have got to start giving yourself a new point of reference, and know full well that we are here to When you serve others are you are taking the path of having an abundant One that is not determined on how much money you make, but how many lives you changed in the process and what you did with that

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