How Not to Apologize If You Really Want to Get Her Back

Guys, you may think this sounds crazy, but here it goes: Apologizing after a breakup can completely screw up your chances of getting her Of course, most guys think the opposite is They jump right in with apologies only to end up devastated when it doesn't Even worse, it often makes her madder than she was And now you'll find out Doesn't Trust Your Apologies Anymore

If you're at the point of breaking up, it's safe to say that this isn't the first time you've You've said "I'm sorry" multiple times and in multiple You may have even apologized for the same thing she's mad about this Yet she still feels hurt and she doesn't trust your word apology at this point is just a reminder of the last one; and that's not going to help your She wants more than She wants She wants to see what you're willing to DO rather than what you're willing to So, before you tell her how sorry you are (again), make some positive changes that will show her you're Just to Get Her Back

If you really want to get her back, you may feel tempted to apologize You want the break up drama to end and this seems like the easiest way to do You may apologize for anything and everything you've ever done to make her Unfortunately, she'll likely see this all-purpose apology as a cop It's just something you say to pacify her and she knows That certainly won't score you any most women, it's very important to feel So, apologizing for everything just isn't good She wants to know that you see her point of She wants reassurance that you know what needs to change-and that you'll do If you lied, she wants to hear that you see how important it is to tell the If you haven't spent enough time with her, she needs to hear that you understand how unfair it was to neglect you can't understand or reassure her if you're unsure of what pushed her to the breaking Figuring this out will help you get an ex back when apologizing just doesn't cut For the Wrong Thing

Things can get really sticky, really fast when you apologize for what you think she's mad about, while missing out on the real This can happen if you're guilty of something that you thought she'd found out about when she didn't; or if your relationship is filled with multiple such a case, it's best to consider if you really do want her If so, you have quite a bit of work to do; and a simple apology is not the Apologetic to Defensive

It's human nature to feel a little defensive when someone tells you that you're wrong or bad in some Yet you're likely to hear some criticism if you begin apologizing right after a Your wife or girlfriend may vent all her frustrations, saying some things that you don't agree It can get really hard to stay focused on the apology when that She may complain of countless things that are your fault, thereby tempting you to bring up things that are her Instead of helping you get back together, what began as an apology may turn into an argument that pushes you farther This is a recipe for disaster if you're the bottom line: Apologizing after a break up can go very, very It can do no good at all or it can make matters even In nearly all cases, it's just not the quick-fix that you hope it you can do instead is to focus on past good times and ways to make things This will be something that she isn't It will be a pleasant surprise; and she's more likely to come running back into your arms if you take care to do it learn more about fixing relationship problems and how to get an ex back, visit

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